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Brief Introduction

Kirtipur is one of the historical cities dominated by Newar community, which was declared as municipality among 58 municipalities under the Municipal Act in 2053 chaitra 14 B. S. within the Kathmandu valley. It is situated in 7 km south-west of Kathmandu Metropolitan city. It is also known as the city of glory, as it is one of the old and typical Newar settlements of the valley. It lies at 27o 38' 37'' to 27o 41' 36''N and 85o 14' 64'' to 85o 18' 00''E with altitude ranging from 1284m to 1524m above mean sea level. It was declared as municipality in 1997 by combining eight contemporary village development committees namely Palifal, Layaku, Bahirigaon, Chithubihar, Champadevi, Bishnudevi, Balkumari and Chovar. Administratively, Kirtipur Municipality has 19 wards covering 14.76 sq. km area. It is encircled by Bagmati River in the East, Chandragiri Municipality in the West, Kathmandu Metropolitan City in North and Dakchhinkali Municipality in the South.